Medium intensity Obstruction Warning Lights

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Medium intensity Obstruction Warning Lights

The Medium intensity Obstruction Warning Lights with dual color or white only provides a day and night marking solution for all kind of obstacle higher than 45 meters. Medium intensity lights includes: - OBSTAFLASH DUAL COLOR INTEGRATED 110-240 VAC - COMPLETE KITS WITH 3 OBSTAFLASH120 - OBSTAFLASH DUAL COLOR INTEGRATED 48VDC - OBSTAFLASH DUAL COLOR WITH EXTERNAL POWER SUPPLY - COMPACT MEDIUM INTENSITY OBSTAFLASH - OBSTAFLASH XENON Borna niroo karan (Bornika) company is the agent OBSTA company in the fields of consultation, sales and distribution of power industry products including obstruction lights is active.


OBSTAFLASH white integrated 110-240VAC

Model: OBSTAFLASH Order code: 113723UI

OBSTAFLASH white integrated 110-240VAC is White medium intensity light that flashhead and power supply connected through cable with 5 conductors including ground wire.

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