Insulation monitoring Relais

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Insulation monitoring Relais

The working principle of the isolation monitor for IT systems in medical use rooms, as well as hospital and ambulatory clinic, is based on applying a dc voltage or a codified signal, between the secondary of the isolation transformer and the equipotential node of the installation . Borna niroo karan company(Bornika) is the exclusive representative of Contrel on buying , selling, consulting services for automation systems and protective relays including Insulation monitoring Relais.


Insulation Relay HRI-R40

Model: HRI Order code: HRI-R40 , HRI-R40w

Insulation Relay HRI-R40 insulation's resistance monitoring is carried out applying a measure's signalling between isolated network and earth . reducing problems caused by the presence of direct-current components on network (rectifiers).

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medical Relay HRI-R22t

Model: HRI Order code: HRI-R22t

medical Relay HRI-R22t has similar characteristics of previous model but it's more cheap and it has less functions. There is measuring signalling and it is able to verify temperature of insulation power transformer.

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Isolation Relay HRI-R24

Model: HRI Order code: HRI-R24

For monitoring 24 V networks , monitor HRI-R24 is used. This is able to supply insulation's control adjustable by frontal potentio-meter . Outputs are available for remote repeaters panels PR-5 (max 2 panels).

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Isolation Relay RI-R48

Model: RI Order code: RI-R48 , RI-F48 , RI-R48N

Isolation Relay RI-R48 allow the insulation monitoring to earth of electric networks in alternate and direct current till 48 V isolated (IT systems) . Devices have on frontal panel signal for activity ON, for tripping TRIP (low insulation), a test bottom, a reset bottom and a potentiometer (or micro switches) for setting the threshold of tripping (only for versions with adjustable threshold).

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Industrial isolation Relay RI-R11

Model: RI Order code: RI-R11 , RI-R11D

Industrial isolation Relay RI-R11 allow permanent monitoring of insulation of electrical networks in direct-current current isolated on earth (IT networks). It`s used for IT networks insulation control with 110~275 Vdc.

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Isolation Relay RI-R15

Model: RI Order code: RI-R15

Isolation Relay RI-R15 allow permanent monitoring of insulation of electrical networks in direct-current current isolated on earth (IT networks).It`s used for IT networks insulation control with up to 1.000 Vdc.

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Isolation Relay RI-F22/RI-R38

Model: RI Order code: RI-F22 , RI-R22 , RI-R38

Isolation Relay RI-F22/RI-R35 allow insulation monitoring on earth of electric networks in alternating 230 V and isolated 400 V (IT systems). Insulation resistance monitoring is carried out applying a measure’s signalling in direct-current between isolated network and earth.

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Isolation Relay RI-R60

Model: RI Order code: RI-R60

Isolation Relay RI-R60 is a device that allows to control the insulation to earth in alternating neutral networks up to 760 V (IT systems).

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Insulation monitoring Relay RI-SM

Model: RI Order code: RI-SM

Insulation monitoring Relay RI-SM allow insulation monitoring to earth of out-voltage networks in order to carry out a preventive monitoring on insulation level of device.

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PR5 Remote signalling Panel ( Repeter Panel )

Model: PR5 Order code: PR5

Panels of remote signalling PR allow to give alarm signalling of insulation's monitoring devices HRI . They have also an acoustic signaller incorporated, a test button and a button for stopping acoustic signal . Maximum of repeater boards associable with HRI device is 2 .

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EML-12S Serial remote concentrator

Model: EML-12S Order code: EML-12S

EML-12S Serial remote concentrator is a device which allow remote monitoring of parameters originated from insulation's supervisors for medical use rooms HRI-R40 and HRI-R4OW with serial output RS485.

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Insulation relay for non-ground AC systems

Model: KRM16x Order code: KRM16x

The digitally controlled KRM16xE uses the Megacon "IDV" insulation measuring principle and monitors insulation level between a non-grounded (IT) mains and its protective earth.

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