Electrical Transducers & Isolator

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Electrical Transducers & Isolator

A transducer, by definition ,it is an Instrument has Responsibility of transforming a physical quantity into an electrical signal . The most common parameters are measured by the transducer are, position, force, speed, acceleration, pressure, level , liquids flow and temperature . Transducer's outputs are , voltage, current, resistance, capacitance and frequency. Bornika is the exclusive agent of Zeigler and Enerdis company, and is the agent of Contrel company in the fields of consultation, sales and distribution of power industry products including Voltage & Current Transducer, Frequency Transducer, Active/Reactive Power Transducers, Programmable Multi-Transducers, Resistance Transducers, Temperature Transmitter and Isolator .


DC Current and Voltage Transducer

Model: P20H Order code: P20H- a b c dd e f

Transducers of P20H types are applied for the continuous conversion of d.c. voltage and d.c. current into a standard d.c. current, d.c. voltage signal or RS-485 digital signal.

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Programmable Transducer

Model: P12H Order code: P12H-a bb c d e ff g

Programmable measuring transducer P12H type is destined to convert of d.c. current and d.c. voltage into a digital or standard current or voltage signal. The output is galvanically isolated from the input and supply. The insulation exists also between the current and voltage input.

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DC Transducer

Model: P30H Order code: P30H- a b c d e ff g h

P30H is a transducer which was designed to photovoltaic , battery, telecommunication and railway installations. P30H measures and records current, voltage, power, energy and other d.c. circuit parameters.

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Universal transducer

Model: P30U Order code: P30U- a b c d ee f g

P30U transducer is designed to convert temperature, resistance, standard voltage and current signals into a standard DC voltage or DC current signal. The output signal is galvanically isolated from the input signal and the power supply. P30U has programmable measurement and additional functions. Programming parameters can be realized with the use of buttons, via RS-485 interface and free e-con software or Ethernet or any web browsers via Ethernet interface.

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Isolated DC Transducer

Model: VTR05 Order code: VTR05- aa b c dd e

VTR05 ensures galvanic isolation between input, output and the supply circuit. The transducer meets all the requirements concerning EMC according to PN-EN 61010 standard.

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