Power Analyzer

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Power Analyzer

Power analyzer is designed to measure and monitor many parameters in energy and power sector. Power analyzers include multimeters, energy meters, Harmonic analyzers and portable power analyzers. This product is available in different sizes, various single phase , three phase models and DIN rail mounted types and panel types. Borna niroo karan (Brnika) is the exclusive representative of Ziegler company , (Enerdis), DEIF. LUMEL Companies and representatives of Contrel company and Crompton in purchasing, sales, consulting and distribution of industrial equipment such as harmonic analyzers , multi-function , Power Analyzer.


Harmonic Analyzer

Model: Enerium Order code: Enerium 150

Digital multifunction meters and Power Analyzers from Enerdis instruments with multiple parameter measurement are world renowned in the power and energy sector . LV , MV , HV network supervision .

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Digital Three Phase Meter

Model: N14 Order code: N14- a b cc d

The N14 meter is a programmable digital panel instrument destined for the measurement of 3-phase, 3 or 4-wire power network parameters, in balanced or unbalanced systems.

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LUMEL Multi Meter

Model: VPS3 Order code: VPS3 - a b c d e f g hh i

VPS3 series meters are destined for the measurement of energy and other power network qualities . The meters can operate in 3-phase networks (3- or 4-wire) or 1-phase networks .

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Energy Meter

Model: EMA Order code: EMA-90

This meters are used to measure as The analysis of energy exchange of high-voltage lines, medium voltage and low voltage applications.

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Multifunction multimeter type EMM

Model: EMM Order code: EMM-μD3h, EMM-μD3h-p, EMM-μD3h-485

The Multifunction multimeter type EMM, allows monitoring the main electrical parameters present on a distribution line.

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