Temperature Transmitter & Transducers

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Temperature Transmitter & Transducers

Temperature Transmitters convert the variable - a DC current or voltage or a signal - from a remote sensor, thermocouple, potentiometer or resistance thermometer to proportionate analogue output signal . Bornika is the exclusive agent of Ziegler in the fields of consultation , sales and distribution of power industry products including Temperature Transmitter.


LUMEL Temperature Transducer

Model: P20 Order code: P20-a b cc dd e

The P20 programmable transducer is destined to convert the temperature, resistance, voltage from shunt and standard signals into a standard constant-current or constant-voltage signal. The transducer output signal is galvanically insulated from the input signal and the supply.

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Industrial Transducer

Model: P17 Order code: P17- aa bb c

The P17 transducer is destined to convert the signal from temperature, resistance or voltage sensors into a 4…20 mA current signal.

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