Years of experience and extensive testing in laboratories and in real lightning conditions were necessary to develop this lightning rod boot device. An aluminum alloy and patented polymer materials make up most of our lightning rod. No brittle initiation system, we have designed the most reliable and most durable product in the [email protected] aesthetics and colors allow its integration within all possible drafts and structures (8 colors available – no effect on operation). Specials Features: -Patented technologies -An exclusive manufacture in our workshop in France -Certified lab tested products -Reliability and robustness proven under extreme conditions -Laser marking for an optimal follow-up. A 100% recyclable range of lightning rods. -Control, maintenance and prevention eased thanks to the [email protected] system -Products in compliance with NFC 17-102, UNE 21-186, EN 50164-1, EN 62305 standards -A responsible commitment to a manufacturer's lifetime warranty** (15 years minimum) Bornika is the exclusive agent of LPS (Lightning Protection System) in the fields of consultation, sales and distribution of power industry products including Lightning Protection.