Device Systems

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Device Systems

Device systems (EGS) are included some equipment such as Sockets, phone Socket , network Socket , and etc. that can be installed universally in device installation ducts, underfloor systems, installation column systems, concealed and cavity wall and also in Rapid 80,Rapid 45 systems applications..Special features: - Quick and easy mounting - High efficiency due to time and cost savings - Wide range of application options - Time savings through plug & play - suspended from the ceiling - Easy exchangeability - Flexible and secure - Attractive design - Country-specific sockets - Use of strain relief Bornika is the exclusive agent of OBO Bettermann in the fields of consultation, sales and distribution of power industry products including Device systems (EGS) is active.


Protective contact socket

Model: SKS-D0 , SKS-D3 Order code: 6117001 - 6117012 - 6117023 - 6117041

Protective contact socket, has increased touch protection with screw-less terminals.

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Socket with earthing pin

Model: SKS-F0 , SKS-F3 Order code: 6117102 - 61171400

Socket with earthing pin, has increased touch protection with screw-less terminals.

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Socket with earthing pin, encoded version

Model: SKS-FC0 SRO , SKS-FC3 SRO Order code: 6106677 - 6106707

Socket with earthing pin, encoded version are used to restrict special power circuits.

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Switzerland Socket

Model: SKS-CH0 RW1 Order code: 6117200

Switzerland Socket , is corresponded with Swiss standard.

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Denmark Socket

Model: SKS-DK0 RW1 - SKS-DKE0 RW1 Order code: 6117202 - 6117203

Denmark Socket, is corresponded with Danish standard.

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British Standard Socket

Model: SKS-BSL0 RW1 , SKS-BSSL0 RW1.5 Order code: 6117206 - 6117207

British Standard Socket is corresponded with British standard.

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Socket protective contact

Model: SKS-DS3 Order code: 6117074 - 6119850

socket protective contact is a power socket with side connection 33°.

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Socket with earthing pin

Model: SKS-FS3 Order code: 6119868 - 6119880

Socket with earthing pin is a power socket with side connection 33°.

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Connection adapter

Model: STA-SKS S1 , BTA-SKS S1 , STA-SKS SU1 , VB-SKS S , VB-G GST18i3p Order code: 6117192 - 6117190

Connection adapter are used to connect the wires to the socket and connect sockets to each other.

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Installation accessories

Model: ST-F GST18i3p, ST-S GST18i3p Order code: 6108050, 6108051, 6108054, 6108055

Installation accessories include Connector part 3-pin, Connector part 5-pin, Socket section 3-pin, Socket section 5-pin with screw or spring connection, distributor block( T shape or others).

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Socket accessories

Model: ZL-SKS , ÜSM-A , ÜSM-A-4T Order code: 6117205 - 5092451 - 6107801

Socket accessories, used for more protection.

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Complete unit

Model: SKS-DS3KL , SKS-DS3KW Order code: 6117095 - 6117097

Complete unit consisting of two double protective contact sockets with 33° connection direction, a connection adapter and a GST 18i socket section adapter for connection extension.

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