About Bornika

About Bornika

Borna Nirokaran Company (Bornika) was established in 2011 based on relying on the 40 years’ experience of Reyhani Yazdi's business and with the aim of continuing to provide specialized services to the Iranian electricity industry community.

Providing quality goods approved and standardized in the electricity industry, keeping up with the updated science and technology, providing after-sales services and paying attention to the needs of customers based on extensive experience, benefiting from experienced specialists and continuous exclusive representations of reputable international brands, have always been reassuring our company and the customers over the recent years.

Also, our company has always been one of the active members and the sponsor of the National Electricity Industry Syndicate in specialized conferences and events in Iran, and has registered membership in Vendor list of Iranian oil, gas, petrochemical and telecommunications authorized entities in its professional record.

The satisfaction of many major customers in the governmental and private sectors has always given the company hope for a better and more professional services.

Borna Niroo Karan considers becoming one of the technical, engineering and commercial hubs in Iran's huge electricity industry that is an achievable and imminent prospect for itself.

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Bornika Services


Supply, distribution, implementation, consulting, investment and after-sales services of industrial electrical equipment including:

  • Electrical and electronic equipment and components
  • Automation, calibration
  • Instruments
  • Earthing and lightning arrester
  • Implementation of energy control and automation systems, power factor correction systems and energy management
  • Consulting and investing in manufacturing and commercial projects