Interface Relays( PLC Relays )

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Interface Relays( PLC Relays )

The interface relays perform the function of input/output separation in the applications with PLC controllers, and they are applied in numerous other electric devices as interface and output elements. Bornika is the exclusive representative of Relpol company, in purchasing, sales, consulting and distribution of industrial equipment and various auxiliary relays such as interface relays .


relay with spring terminal

Model: PI84 Order code: PI84 with socket GZMB80

relay with spring terminal include two contacts (Change Over ) CO,this socket can mount signaling and protecting module type M. and it has retractor clip and description plate,too.

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Interface Relay

Model: PI6-1P Order code: PI6-1P-24VDC, PI6-1P-230VAC/DC

Interface Relay type PI6-1P include 1 CO contact with AgSnO2 material and 6.2 mm width.

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PLC Relay

Model: PI6-1T Order code: PI6-1T-24VAC/DC

PLC Relay type PI6-1T include 1 contact with triac output ( NO ) and 6.2 mm width.

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