Automatic capacitor banks type QR are used for the power factor correction of inductive character loads in low voltage power networks. Capacitor banks are constructed in steel−plate cabinets (vertical construction mounted type by smaller power ranges). The banks are equipped with automatic PFC regulator, switching contactors, cylindrical capacitors ZEZ SILKO (MKP capacitors, dry type), fuses. Main switch is installed in all banks (three−phase circuit breaker or fuse switch). Borna niroo karan company (Bornika) has the exclusive representative ZEZ SILKO company in buying, selling, consulting and distribution and industrial equipment , Different types of Capacitor Banks are intended for the improvement of Power Factor in low voltage and medium voltage is active.

Product list of Capacitor bank

Low Voltage Capacitor Bank

Low Voltage Capacitor Bank

Low Voltage capacitor bank are used for power factor correction in low voltage networks. standard, wall−mounted, detuned, ast−switched, substation capacitor banks covered under this category.

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