Current clamp meter

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Current clamp meter

Current clamp meter, is a useful product for engineer to measure electrical current easily. In fact the current clamp meter work based on physic rules. according to physic rule, there is a magnetic field around the current following wire, and the amount of magnetic field is proportion to the current of the wire. The special features of Current clamp meter: - applied in all industrial parts - without interrupting the conducting line - suitable for wire and cable producing manufacture companies ,.. - suitable or testing high voltage cables Bornika is the exclusive agent of Ziegler in the fields of consultation, sales and distribution of power industry products including Current clamp meter.


Clamp Power meter

Model: RC Power Order code: RC Power 1000

Ziegler Clamp Power meter RC POWER 1000A/400A measures, calculate and displays important electrical parameters of single phase or three phase power system. It also features Resistance, continuity, diode and non contact voltage detection.

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Clamp Amp meter

Model: RC Order code: RC 1000

Ziegler Clamp 1000A measures important electrical parameters like AC Current, AC Voltage, DC Voltage. It also features Capacitance, Ohm & Continuity, frequency, Dutycycle and temperature measurement.

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Ampere Meter Clamp

Model: Clamp-on CT Order code: Clamp-on CT 1000A /5A

Ziegler Clamp-on CT 1000 A /5A measures current without interrupting the conducting line. They are used for electrically isolated measurement of alternating current within a broad range ,without interrupting the current conducti ng cable and bus bars.

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Clamp meter

Model: NC10 Order code: NC10 1000A / 300A

NC10 is destined for measurement of AC current, AC/DC voltage, temperature, resistance and capacity. Unique design of rotating clamp jaws facilitate the measurement at positions difficult to access.

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