Murrelektronik Interfaces

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Murrelektronik Interfaces

Murrelektronik Interfaces from the cabinet to the field are an essential part of many installation concepts. Murrelektronik offers a comprehensive product range for quick connections, easy separations and for connecting diagnostic equipment. Power outlets for the cabinet and bright lighting elements complement the product line. Murrelektronik Interfaces include below products: -Lighting Elements -Modlink MPV -Modlink MSDD -Modlink MSVD -MSDD Hybrid Fieldbus Coupling Bornika is the sales agent of Murrelektronik in the fields of consultation, sales and distribution of power industry products including interfaces.


Lighting elements

Model: MODLIGHT30, MODLIGHT50, MODLIGHT XTREME, COMLIGHT57 Order code: 4000-75324-5310000

Murrelektronik's Lighting elements use the best technology on the market. Murrelektronik's Lighting Elements include various equipments such as modlight50 ,modlight70 signal tower and Modlight XTREME440.

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Control cabinet interfaces

Model: Modlink MPV Order code: 4000-69000-1000000

Control cabinet interfaces are used for Connecting fieldbus systems to cabinets and it is important for day-to-day maintenance.

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Front panel interfaces

Model: Modlink MSDD Order code:

Front panel interfaces,(Modlink MSDD interfaces) provide convenient access to the controls. Front panel interfaces include different products such as frames,data connector inserts,sets and Accessories.

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Murrelektronik power outlets

Model: Modlink MSVD Order code: 67900

Murrelektronik power outlets are required in the control cabinet Applications. Murrelektronik's wide range includes many versions for global applications.

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Hybrid fieldbus couplers

Model: MSDD Order code: 67254

MSDD hybrid fieldbus couplers transfer data and power from the cabinet into the field. This equipment is produced by Murrelektronik Company in different models by M12، 7/8 inch and HanBrid connectors. A repeater function amplifies and processes signals.

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