Cable/pipe Plastic Fastening Systems

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 Cable/pipe Plastic Fastening Systems

Cable/pipe Plastic Fastening Systems used for cable and pipe mounting on the wall or roof . The Fastening Systems made from Polyamide or Polypropylene (Thermoplastic material) . Their opening diameter are adjustable . Cable/pipe Plastic Fastening Systems have metric and PG standards . so they are suitable for general applications. Features : + Extreme loading capacity + Maximum stability + Extremely easy mounting + Insertion slopes + Slot fastening + Suitable for lining up With its unique design and the modified halogen-free material from which it is built, the Quick clip is exceptionally robust. Maximum pipe extraction values: up to 230 N. Rounded retaining arms on the exterior provide the highest level of stability. The roundness means that the clip is extremely torsion-resistant. The bull horns ensure automatic alignment of the clip. At clip inclines of up to 15º, the clips align themselves automatically upon insertion of the pipe. Bornika is the exclusive agent of OBO Bettermann in the fields of consultation, sales and distribution of power industry products including Cable/pipe Plastic Fastening Systems is active.


EC Euro-Clip

Model: EC16HO - EC20HO - EC25HO - EC32HO - EC40HO - EC50HO Order code: 31020 - 31081 - 31124 - 31161 - 31200 - 31224

EC Euro-Clip used for mounting conduits of different dimensions on all surfaces.

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UVB Universal clamping bracket

Model: UVB16HO , UVB20HO , UVB25HO , UVB32HO , UVB40HO , UVB50HO Order code: 34020 - 34081 - 34120 - 34161 - 34200 - 34224

UVB Universal clamping bracket even conduits with heavy cable bundles are held securely in the EC Euro-Clip.

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SC Clip for shooting

Model: SC19-20HO Order code: 31400

SC Clip for shooting used for mounting conduits on concrete walls and ceilings by using a shooting tool.

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FC Flexi-Clip

Model: FC16-20HO , FC20-25HO , FC25-32HO , FC32-40HO , FC40-50HO Order code: 33310 - 33320 - 33330 - 33340 - 33350

FC Flexi-Clip is millimeter-accurate way of conduit mounting on all surfaces.

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ESD Euro-fastening anchor

Model: ESD11 , ESD30 , ESD45 , ESD80 Order code: 31280 - 31300 - 31320 - 31340 - 31281 - 31301 - 31321 - 31341

The ESD is the “clip on” fixing for the Schnabl EC Euro-Clip and FC Flexi-Clip.

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EDV Euro twist-on connection

Model: EDV HO Order code: 31430

EDV Euro twist-on connection used for the installation of conduits on all cable trays with slotted holes with a sheet thickness from 0.5 to 1.1 mm.

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ESV Euro connector lock

Model: ESV HO Order code: 34430

ESV Euro connector lock used for the installation of conduits on all cable trays with round holes with a sheet thickness from 0.5 to 1.1 mm.

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SGC Schnabl thread clip

Model: SGC HO Order code: 31460

SGC Schnabl thread clip used for fastening conduits on M8-M10 threaded rods in combination with the EC Euro-Clip.

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ECV Euro clip connector

Model: ECV HO Order code: 31560

ECV Euro clip connector used for the connection of two EC Euro-Clips.

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ESP Euro shooting plate

Model: ESP HO Order code: 31440

ESP Euro shooting plate used for conduit and cable laying – in conjunction with the EC Euro-Clip system with the help of a shooting tool. The two rings of the ESP are matched to the shooting tools from Hilti, Spit and Würth (Art. nr.: 0864 90).

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EKP Euro adhesive pad

Model: EKP HO Order code: 31360

EKP Euro adhesive pad used for fastening electrical lines on all surfaces where drills and screws cannot be used, e.g. on steel structures or corrugated sheets.

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AKS Distance gripper clamp

Model: AKS16HO - AKS20HO - AKS25HO - AKS32HO - AKS40HO - AKS50HO Order code: 30740 - 30741 - 30800 - 30801 - 30840 30841 - 30880 - 30881 - 30900 - 30901 - 30920 - 30921

AKS Distance gripper clamp used for retaining single conduits with a fixed distance from the wall with the least effort and greatest time efficiency.

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