Isolator Transducer & Transmitter

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Isolator Transducer & Transmitter

Isolators does not require a separate power supply, but derives the little auxiliary energy it needs from the DC signal . The DC signal isolator serves to electrically isolate the analog DC signal in the range from 0(4)-20 mA which, depending on version, is then converted to a current signal 0(4)-20 mA or voltage signal 0(2)-10 V. Bornika is the exclusive agent of Ziegler in the fields of consultation, sales and distribution of power industry products including passive DC signal isolators , convertors , isolating amplifier .


Insulation amplifier

Model: TDG-210DG Order code: TDG-210DG/2 No :2962880730

TDG-210DG is a CE-marked DC/DC amplifier with galvanic separation between input and output. TDG-210DG requires auxiliary voltage and is fed through a transformer or a 24/48/110/220 V DC inverter.

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Separator Transducer

Model: VTR06 Order code: VTR06-aa b c d ee f

VTR06 ensures galvanic isolation between input, two outputs and supply circuit. The transducer meets all the requirements concerning EMC according to IEC 61010 and IEC 61326-1 standard.

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Passive separator

Model: P17G Order code: P17G-aa b

The P17G passive separator in a housing of 6.2 mm width, serves for the electric isolation and filtration of the 0(4)...20 mA standard signal value without an additional supply voltage.

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