Power Filter Characteristic Tester

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Power Filter Characteristic Tester

Power Filter Characteristic Tester is using for testing a characteristic of any power filter device such as resistive, inductive and capacitive. Special features of Power Filter Characteristic Tester: - Quickly and accurately test all parameters of power filter by this single device - High precision -High efficiency -Safe and reliable Bornika is the exclusive agent of Sprecher company in the fields of consultation , sales and distribution of power industry products including DC converting station set.


PONOVO DC converting station set type FT3000

Model: FT3000 Order code: FT3000

PONOVO DC converting station set type FT3000 , Precisely and automatically complete power filter amplitude frequency and phase frequency characteristic measurement.Automatically measure power filter by parameters of reactor, capacitor and resistor.Compensate and measure capacitor group unbalanced current 0.01 mA—10 mA .

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