Obstruction Warning Lights

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Obstruction Warning Lights

The LED obstruction light fixtures are designed to signal aviation obstacles such as buildings, antennas, towers, chimneys, bridges, etc. OBSTA obstruction lighting includes the three categories defined by the International Civil Aviation Organization : low intensity (neon cold discharge and led obstruction lighting), medium and high intensity (xenon flashing lamps) beacon lights. Lamps with cold neon discharge do have an extremely long lifespan, and a very high reliability in constraining environments like high temperature and electromagnetic fields. Cold neon discharge obstruction lightings are used for buildings, chimneys, airports, pylons, GSM towers, radio towers, TV towers. LED obstruction lightings are used to mark wind mast, meteo mast, windmills, wind farms. Borna niroo karan (Bornika) company is the agent OBSTA company in the fields of consultation, sales and distribution of power industry products including obstruction lights is active.



Model: NAVILITE Order code: 113900 , 113901 , 113902 , 113905 , 113906

The NAVILITE is based on LED technology in compliance with ICAO low intensity type recently applied.These lights are devoted to the night marking of all kinds of obstacles with a DC power supply.

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NAVILITE 12V solar

Model: NAVILITE Order code: 113903

The NAVILITE 12V solar with an OBSTA solar kit are dedicated to night marking of any kind of air navigation obstacle such as wind mast, towers, cranes, building.

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Model: NAVILITE Order code: 113909

The NAVILITE 120-230VAC lights are dedicated to night marking of any kind of air navigation obstacle in 230VAC.

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Model: NAVILITE Order code: 113965

The NAVILITE FAA L810 lights are dedicated to night marking of any kind of air navigation obstacle in 110VAC to 240VAC or 48VDC.

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Model: OBSTA HI STI Order code: 113110

The OBSTA HI STI is cold neon discharge low intensity light that supplied by 110 to 240VAC and devoted to the night marking of all kind of obstacles such as buildings, airports,broadband towers, high voltage power poles.

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BALISOR warning light

Model: BALISOR Order code: B160 - B220 - B115 - B132 - B380

High-voltage lines are major hazards for low-flying aircraft. Placing beacons on pylons is not sufficient to ensure safety due to the very long spans of cable (extract of Aerodrome Design Manual chapter 14.7 annex 4). The BALISOR® system (created by OBSTA in the 60's) is a beacon for high voltage lines.

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OBSTAFLASH white integrated 110-240VAC

Model: OBSTAFLASH Order code: 113723UI

OBSTAFLASH white integrated 110-240VAC is White medium intensity light that flashhead and power supply connected through cable with 5 conductors including ground wire.

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