Modul 45 systems, switching and connection accessories

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Modul 45 systems, switching and connection accessories

Modul 45 systems, switching and connection accessories consist of switching light sources, controlling building systems or connecting telephones and antennas. Besides a complete selection of switches and buttons in ½ and 1 module width, the Modul 45 system can also offer electronic accessories, such as surge protection and a wide range of other products, to make everyday living and work, at home or in the office, simpler, more convenient and safer. Set constit of: - Switches - Touch dimmer - Electronic devices - Surge protection - Telephone connection - Equipotential bonding - Cover Bornika is the exclusive agent of OBO Bettermann in the fields of consultation, sales and distribution of power industry products including Device systems (EGS) is active.



Model: TA-B RW0.5 , AS-B2P RW1 , RT-BS1 RW1 , SE-B RW1 Order code: 6117670 - 6117644 - 6117657 - 6117615

Switch are available in two models 1-pin and 2 pin with screwless terminals. Model 1 pin of this product is suitable for the 10A and 250V and another models, 2 pins for the 16A and of 250 volts is suitable.

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Touch dimmer

Model: TD-AN21 , TD-AB21 Order code: 6117540 - 6117548

Touch dimmer with memory is available in two versions , electronic transformers and ohmic loads and other model is for ohmic and inductive loads.

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Electronic devices

Model: ZU-A RW1 , RE-UW 1 , RZU-A RW1 , RTR-A RW1 Order code: 6117352 , 6117662 , 6117364 , 6117358

Electronic devices are used to control and regulate building systems at home or in the office.

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Modul 45 Surge protection

Model: ÜSS 45-O-RW , ÜSS 45-A-RW , ÜSM-A Order code: 6117473 - 6117465 - 5092451

Modul 45 Surge protection , with small dimensions, can be used as the third stage of the protection and it is for stationary installation in Rapid 45 trunking , device installation trunking, underfloor systems and on power sockets.

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Telephone connection

Model: TAE-6F Order code: 6117428

Telephone connection, module 45 series, is suitable for TAE sockets.

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Equipotential bonding socket

Model: PAD-LQ6 Order code: 6119998

Equipotential bonding socket to DIN 42801, rear-sided connection with M6 screw bolts.

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Model: KA-ZKB , ADP-B RW0.5 , ADP-B RW1 Order code: 6117985 - 6117414 - 6117406

cover (Modules 45 systems) is used to cover the empty spaces in the trunking.

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