Bandage, small insulation and individual cables includes insulation layers and bandages for cables. each parts has special features and used in different situations. The fire protection bandage, type CL-KS, is used within buildings as cable insulation for individual cables, cable and electrical installation pipe bundles (EIP). The material which foams up if there is a fire is used to insulate fire sections for a period of max. 90 minutes. The PYROMIX Screed small insulation only consists of two components: OBO's insulation creating material, type DSX, and the MIW mineral wool. The noncombustible mineral wool has a melting point ≥ 1000 °C and serves as a basis for the cable insulation. The OBO insulation layer creation material, type DSX, can be used to fill drill holes for penetrations with a single cable or multiple cables of a small cross-section, routed next to each other. The foaming action also draws heat from the cables, thus considerably reducing the transfer of heat via the copper cores. Bornika is the exclusive agent of OBO Bettermann in the fields of consultation, sales and distribution of power industry products including Fire Protection Systems (BSS), is active.

Product list of Bandage, small insulation and individual cables