The Borna Niroo Karan company, by relying on the 40 years experienced of Reyhany Yazdi company, based on the preparation of high quality, standard products correspondent to update science and technology was stablished in October 2011. Borna Niroo Karan (Bornika) Co, also provide systematic and even according to customer requirements after sales service. This company with developed experience, high ability, also professional employees, has exclusive representative of top world's brand and is active in field of importing, providing and distributing of various electrical equipment. Borna Niroo Karan Co. is a member of the electrical industry syndicate and sponsor of electrical syndicate in conferences. This company is the member of vendor list of Oil, Gas, Petrochemical and Telecommunication companies proudly.

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What is Thermo Switch

Thermo switch (Thermo Switch) or thermal switch mechanism is used to measure the temperature.


Everything starts from the sun to Earth. Sun's surface water evaporated and the cloud. Winds brought clouds to move on. Pregnant clouds on its way and if close to the ground creates lightning. Maybe lightning was one of the first meteorological phenomenon that has attracted human attention. Thunderbolt is a high-energy electrical discharge between clouds and the Earth's pregnant, be in addition to the fatalities, and injuries directly or indirectly disrupt power equipment and network equipment. This may be the emergence of "voltage" or "strong magnetic field" of equipment or animals to be huge effect and cause damages. Statistics annual damages caused by lightning, represents the destructive power of this phenomenon is normal.

Principles of Performance active lightning arrester (ESE)

Active or Active Early Streamer Emission lightning that are known or ESE Balarndh channel created artificially, resulting in faster performance and increase the protective radius.

Types of Frequency meter

All alternating voltage sources are generated at a set frequency or range of frequencies. A frequency meter provides a means of measuring this frequency. Two common types of frequency meters are the vibrating-reed frequency meter and the moving-disk frequency meter.


Harmonics, voltage and electrical current that the power grid caused by some sort of electrical charges.

What is ammeter

An ammeter is a measuring instrument used to measure the current in a circuit. Electric currents are measured in amperes (A), hence the name.