Protection and Spark Gaps

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Protection and Spark Gaps

Spark gap protectors are designed to isolate the electrical system components that are not connected to each other under normal operating conditions . If a lightning strike caused a surge in the electrical system components , the isolation spark gap ensures a conductive connection with same potential. Bornika is the exclusive agent of OBO Bettermann in the fields of consulation, sales and distribution of power industry products including Protection & Spark Gaps.


Ex isolating spark gap

Model: Ex spark gap Order code: 923005

Ex isolating spark gaps are used when electrically conductive parts of installations cannot be directly interconnected in hazardous areas, for example, in case of cathodically protected pipeline sections.

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Isolating Spark Gap (ISG)

Model: EPZ 100 Order code: 509 520

Isolating Spark Gap (ISG) from Raycap, used in exposed environments and direct burial. This spark gap has been developed to prevent unsafe potential gradients from establishing between adjacent metallic structures or surfaces during a lightning discharge event.

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Surge Cathodic Decoupler

Model: SCD Order code: SCD-20-100

Surge Cathodic Decoupler has been specifically designed to provide pipelines with surge, AC and DC voltage protection whilst providing low voltage DC isolation for cathodic protection.

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Spark Gap 480 xxx OBO

Model: 480 180, 480 250, 480 350 Order code: 5240034 | 5240077 | 5240069

protection and spark gaps , explosion-proof , indirect by-passing of insulating flanges .

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Spark Gap 481 OBO

Model: Closed spark gap with lightning current carrying capability Order code: 5240085

Protection and Spark Gap , Installation of electrical isolations for external lighting protection and earthing systems . lightning current carrying spark gap for separation of electrically conductive plant components.

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Spark Gap 482 OBO

Model: Protective spark gap Order code: 5240050

Protection and Spark Gap , Protection rating IP 54 , Closed spark gap for bridging a proximity point between roof standard of low-voltage system and components of outer lightning protection system .

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Spark Gap FS-V20 OBO

Model: Spark gap / Surge voltage protection for coupling earthing systems Order code: 5099803

Protection and Spark Gap , For pipeline and incendiary materials , Coupling earthing systems in data technology sector , with parallel-connected surge voltage protector. It is used to couple different earthing systems .

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Poland sparkgap

Model: GZA Order code: GZA

Poland sparkgap, ZWAR company product is available for use at 660 volts.

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