Protection and Spark Gaps

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Protection and Spark Gaps

Spark gap protectors are designed to isolate the electrical system components that are not connected to each other under normal operating conditions . If a lightning strike caused a surge in the electrical system components , the isolation spark gap ensures a conductive connection with same potential. Bornika is the exclusive agent of OBO Bettermann in the fields of consulation, sales and distribution of power industry products including Protection & Spark Gaps.


Spark Gap 480 xxx OBO

Model: 480 180, 480 250, 480 350 Order code: 5240034 | 5240077 | 5240069

protection and spark gaps , explosion-proof , indirect by-passing of insulating flanges .

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Spark Gap 481 OBO

Model: Closed spark gap with lightning current carrying capability Order code: 5240085

Protection and Spark Gap , Installation of electrical isolations for external lighting protection and earthing systems . lightning current carrying spark gap for separation of electrically conductive plant components.

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Spark Gap 482 OBO

Model: Protective spark gap Order code: 5240050

Protection and Spark Gap , Protection rating IP 54 , Closed spark gap for bridging a proximity point between roof standard of low-voltage system and components of outer lightning protection system .

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Spark Gap FS-V20 OBO

Model: Spark gap / Surge voltage protection for coupling earthing systems Order code: 5099803

Protection and Spark Gap , For pipeline and incendiary materials , Coupling earthing systems in data technology sector , with parallel-connected surge voltage protector. It is used to couple different earthing systems .

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