Device installation trunking and service pole accessories

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Device installation trunking and service pole accessories

This devices are used for installation and connection trunking and contain bolts, wall bracket, partition, covers, Convection grid profile and etc. The height and depth of the wall panels are aligned one after the other and then the panels are locked. Bornika is the exclusive agent of OBO Bettermann in the fields of consultation, sales and distribution of power industry products including Rapid 80 device installation trunking systems is active.


Trunking cover Rapid 80, PC, clear, fluted inside

Model: GK-OTKKPI - 6278 79 0 Order code: 6278 79 0

Trunking cover for closing Rapid 80 GK (PVC), GS (steel) and GA (aluminium) device installation trunking.

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Fastening panels

Model: BKN50 80 Order code: 6288 00 1

Fastening panel for mounting device installation trunking on skirting board construction and as a support for the convection grid.

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Wall cover

Model: G-KWAO70110 , G-KWAG70110 , G-AWAO70110 , G-AWAG90110 Order code: 6274 81 0 - 6274 85 0 - 6278 80 0 - 6279 02 0

Wall cover to close wall penetrations during wall mounting and panel mounting.

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Noise limit barrier

Model: 7LSB Order code: 6288 65 0

The noise limit barrier is used to reduce the transmission of airborne noise,

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