Modul 45 systems data technology solutions

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Modul 45 systems data technology solutions

Modul 45systems data technology solutions offer the maximum of installation comfort, reliability and safety. This equipment can be used for networking modern office. OBO solutions enable you to simply integrate highly sensitive PC electronics and communication devices into standard switch installations.This sex consist of: - Data technology support for connection modules, Cat. 5e / Cat. 6 - Connection modules - CP cross connect - Universal data technology support The Cat. 5e connection modules are suited to both speech and data applications and are suitable for transmission frequencies of up to 100 MHz. The Cat. 6 connection modules are suited to speech and rapid data applications and are suitable for transmission frequencies of up to 250 MHz. The Cat. 6A connection modules are designed for 10 gigabit Ethernet (10GBASE-T) and for future high speed applications of up to 500 MHz. OBO offers two universally usable data technology supports for device installation with data modules: with straight connection direction and with slanting outlet. Both supports possess system fastening on all four sides and can thus be used in the wall trunking or in an installation column. The data outlets are always arranged horizontally. Bornika is the exclusive agent of OBO Bettermann in the fields of consultation, sales and distribution of power industry products including Device systems (EGS) is active.


Data technology support

Model: DTG-2RM , DTS-2RM Order code: 6119292 - 6119298

Data technology support with straight outlet and slanting outlet and locking slider to accept two data technology connection modules with RJ45 socket.

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Connection modules

Model: ASM-C5 , ASM-C5 G , ASM-C6 , ASM-C6 G Order code: 6117337 - 6117325 - 6117341 - 6117329

Connection modules inserted into the data technology support from behind. For this, inserted the support plate of the connection module into the seat and locked it in place.

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CP cross connect

Model: CPK-C6 U/UTP3 , CPK-C6 S/FTP3 , CPK-C6A U/UTP3 , CPK-C6A S/FTP3 Order code: 6118012 - 6118010 - 6118028 - 6118018

CP cross connect is used to networking computer and equipments.

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Universal data technology support

Model: DTG-2A , DTS-2A , DTS-2B Order code: 6119202 - 6119238 - 6119208

Universal data technology supports are in different models with different size and two types of straight and slanting. Each of this data technology supports designed for particular sockets.

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