Energy distribution system

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Energy distribution system

Energy distribution systems are produced in variable models and different number of output. These energy distribution systems includes T distributor with lock, three wire connection cable with plug connection and female sockets ,and Screwless terminal strip, etc. the equipment of Energy distribution systems are divided in 4 categories: - Consolidation point - Energy distributed - Installation accessories - Connection Cables Bornika is the exclusive agent of OBO Bettermann in the fields of consultation, sales and distribution of power industry products including device systems (EGS), is active.


CP empty housing type CP45-LG8A

Model: CP45-LG 8A Order code: 6108037

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Energy distributor type UVS

Model: UVS-6S2, UVS-6W2, UVS-6S6W2, UVS-6S2SA, UVS-6W2SA, UVS-6S6W2SA, UVS-6S2SA1P, UVS-6W2SA1P Order code: 6108000, 6108005, 6108010, 6108012, 6108014, 6108016, 6108013, 6108015

Energy distributor type UVS for heavy current technology with fixed connection or plug connection, equipped and pre-wired and the color of connector parts are in black or white.

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Installation accessories of energy distribution systems

Model: ST-F GST18i3p, ST-S GST18i3p Order code: 6108050, 6108051, 6108054, 6108055

Installation accessories of energy distribution systems include Connector part 3-pin, Connector part 5-pin, Socket section 3-pin, Socket section 5-pin with screw or spring connection, distributor block( T shape or others).

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Connection cables type VL-3Q

Model: VL-3Q1.51SW, VL-3Q2.51SW, VL-3Q2.5H1SW Order code: 6108100,6108150, 6108450

Connection cables type VL-3Q are used for installing the devices on trunking and there is different models of Connection cables.

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