Analog Panel Meter

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Analog Panel Meter

Ziegler Meters are housed in a Robust case made of glass filled Polycarbonate. This light weight material falls on some other equipment. This light weight material has very high mechanical strength and flame retardant properties Housing design is so convenient that the installation is possible in various grid systems. The instrument is suitable for mounting in Control Panel, Switch Boards and machine consoles even up to a wall thickness of 25mm. Design facilitates for mounting meters in vertical and horizontal rows in a single cut-out. Optically an easy mounting leaf spring is also available for thickness of ≥1mm panel. Mounting is possible through S type screw clamps which canbe mounted on any two opposite sides of the meter either leftand right or top and bottom. . The “S” type screw clamp supplied as standard equipment is suitable for control panel ofthickness ≤25mm Bornika is the exclusive agent of Zeigler and Enerdis in the fields of consultation, sales and distribution of power industry products including 90 Degrees type Meter, 240 Degrees type Meter, Back round Analog Meter, Resonant-Reed Frequency Meter and Analog Accessories.


DC Signal Meter

Model: DQ Order code: DQtt No: 29610yyyyy -zz ; DQtt-c/-xc No:29610yyyyy-zz

The moving coil meters are applied to measure low power DC signals, for example 0 to 1 mA/4 to 20 mA/0 to 10V DC etc. DQ is available in four different sizes, in other words 48 mm, 72 mm, 96 mm and 144 mm.

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Moving Coil Meter with Rectifier

Model: VAGL Order code: VAGL

VAGL meters with built-in rectifiers are used for measurement of the rectified current or voltage arithmetical mean value and they are such calibrated that they indicate the RMS value at sinusoidal curve shape.

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240 Degrees Voltage and Current Meter

Model: VAML Order code: VAML

Moving-coil meters VAML types are destined to measure d.c. voltage or d.c. current.

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DIN rail instrument

Model: D45 Order code: D45 No:2961800120-01

The D45 moving iron instrument for DIN rail mounting (35 x 15mm) is fitted for DC measurement. The quadratic D45 is available in 45mm size.

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