Genset Controller

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Genset Controller

The most common source of cost-effective alternatives in the event of a breakdown or unstable power grid in industrial and non-industrial applications is gasoline, diesel and gas engine. When power is cut off, if the diesel generator is required to automatically turn on the power and feed the consumer, it is necessary to use special controllers for this term, called the Genset controller. Borna Niroo karan (Bornika) importer of industrial electrical equipment, exclusive agent of DEIF in Iran activities in the field of generators controllers and other activities.


Automatic fuel controller AFC plant management

Model: AFC Order code: AFC

Designed to control fuel logistics in liquid fuel-fired power plants, DEIF’s automatic fuel controller (AFC plant management) is an automated, safe and reliable control solution with new and innovate features.

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Compact genset controller

Model: CGC Order code: CGC 400

The compact genset controller (CGC 400) is a costcompetitive but high-quality controller range for standby applications.

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Compact genset controller CGC 200

Model: CGC Order code: CGC 200

The compact genset controller (CGC 200) is a cost competitive but high-quality controller range for standby applications.

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Advanced genset controller

Model: AGC 200 Order code: AGC222, AGC 242, AGC212, ....

DEIF advanced genset controller, AGC 200, meets and surpasses OEM needs for synchronisation. A costeffective, compact, scalable and all-in-one product, the AGC 200 comes in several variants.

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Automatic sustainable controller

Model: ASC Order code: ASC

Serving as a link between photovoltaic (PV) power plants and genset power plants, DEIF’s Automatic Sustainable Controller (ASC Plant Management) is a safe and reliable control solution for PV/genset hybrid plants.

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Anti knocking regulator

Model: AKR Order code: AKR 3

DEIF's anti knocking regulator (AKR 3) is a state-of-the art unit with knocking sensing based on single cylinder detection.

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Generator protection unit

Model: GPU Order code: GPU-3

Easy to operate and configure, DEIF's Generator Protection Unit (GPU-3 gas) is an ideal controller for PLC-based power management systems.

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Generator paralleling controller

Model: GPC Order code: GPC-3

The GPC-3 gas is a highly versatile and compact generator paralleling controller designed for engineers who prefer to carry out application programming in a PLC.

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Automatic sustainable controller ASC

Model: ASC Order code: ASC-4

Designed specifically to serve as a reliable, fully integrated and optimising link between sustainable power plants and genset power plants, DEIF’s automatic sustainable controller, ASC-4, is a new, market-leading solution for the industry.

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Advanced G59 protection unit

Model: APU Order code: APU-4

The APU-4 features all relevant protective functionalities integrated as standard – simple and easy G59/3 compliance. The best and the latest check synchronisation technology is available as an option.

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Integrated systems

Model: Delomatic 400 Order code: DM 400 gas

Top of the range, DEIF's advanced Delomatic 400 gas (DM 400 gas) system is a comprehensive and versatile platform for controlling and monitoring all aspects of gas engine-driven gensets up to full Combined Heat and Power (CHP) control, including valves, pumps and fans etc.

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Automatic Load Controller

Model: ALC Order code: ALC-4

Ideally suited for critical power applications, the ALC-4 integrates load handling into your power management system, eliminating the need for traditional PLC solutions.

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