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Accessories for Surge Arrester for the implementation and installation of Surge Arrester used and the equipment includes Earthing Module, Test / Disconnection Module , Labelling System BA1-BA15 and EMC Spring Terminals. Bornika is the sales agent of DEHN, OBO Bettermann , Raycap and cirprotec in the fields of consultation, sales and distribution of power industry products including Surge arresters and Accessories for Surge Arrester.

Earthing Module

The plugged-in earthing module connects all lines connected to the BLITZDUCTOR SP / XT / XTU base part to the equipotential bonding. It directly earths unused cable cores that are already connected to the base part.

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Test - Disconnection Module

The plugged-in test / disconnection module interrupts the cable run of the lines connected to the BLITZDUCTOR SP / XT / XTU base part and leads them to a test socket at the front of the module.

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Labelling System BA1-BA15

2x165 adhesive labels for labelling DRC MCM XT monitoring devices with the bus address (BA1 to BA15) and BXT modules with consecutive numbers (1.1-1.10 to 15.1-15.10).

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EMC Spring Terminals

Two spring terminals for the protected and unprotected side of a BLITZDUCTOR BSP / XT / XTU arrester for permanent low-impedance shield contact with a shielded signal line.

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