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Exothermic welding or welding Kdvld (CAD WELD) is a type of welding to welding wire, pipe, copper bars to each page and that its equipment is easily portable. How Kdvld a standards-based IPS-C-TP-820 is done. Devices are Kdvld includes the following components: Kdvld powder is a mixture of aluminum powder and copper oxide. Weight powder is selected depending on the size and type of structure. Kdvld graphite mold according to the type of connector and cable size is selected. With a mold typically 70 to 100 welding can be performed. Detonation which contains sulfur and to create the necessary temperature required for combustion is used for heating and the powder is poured Kdvld. Gun combustion to ignite the detonation Cleaning Kit to clean the graphite mold caused by the melting of the materials used.