Ellips Contact Air

A transmitter Ellips Contact Air is an optional product to communicate from a distance with your installation of protection against lightning. The whole range of ELLIPS lightning rods offers a testing and transfer of information possibility without any physical link. This function is named ELLIPS CONTACT AIR. Indeed, an ELLIPS CONTACT AIR emitter can be optionally added on each ELLIPS lightning rod. ELLIPS CONTACT AIR is supplied by a photovoltaic cell that guarantees its autonomy. The technology of this photovoltaic cell allows to obtain a charging of the communication system even in weak luminosity conditions and to ensure a twenty-four-hours-a-day communication. Communication is possible within a minimum range of 30 meters and a maximum range of 300m (depending on the receiver, its positioning and its environment). E.C.A.U. is connected to a Windows(1) portable PC and communicates with the whole of ELLIPS lightning rods equipped with an ELLIPS CONTACT unit. Information is collected on demand. E.C.A.B. constantly communicates with the ELLIPS lightning rods. Customizable by remote control by our teams and connected to the internet or a GSM network, E.C.A.B. communicate the lightning warnings in real time. A photovoltaic supply is optionally available for an all-autonomous working.

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