lightning strike Warning system Alert@ir XT

Following a growing demand for maintenance of protective equipment against lightning around the world, we have developed a system that lets you know in real time lightning events on an outdoor installation of protection against lightning n any type and brand and thus to manage the maintenance. External protection against lightning must be verified by lightning each year and after each lightning strike to ensure proper operation. NFC 17-102 - September 2011, (art 8.2.). More than a normative obligation, maintain a safety investment in good working order is a virtuous preventive intellectual approach. The care and maintenance of your installation of protection against lightning is also needed to preserve your cover manufacturer and installer. To ensure full Security, made you need to be certain of its effectiveness at any time. The system Alert@ir XT is a unique solution designed and manufactured by LPS France to meet the standard requirements, preserve your benefits and ensure your safety throughout the life of your outdoor installation Protection against lightning.

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