lightning strike Warning system


lightning strike Warning system Alert@ir XT

Following a growing demand for maintenance of protective equipment against lightning around the world, we have developed a system that lets you know in real time lightning events on an outdoor installation of protection against lightning n any type and brand and thus to manage the maintenance. External protection against lightning must be verified by lightning each year and after each lightning strike to ensure proper operation. NFC 17-102 - September 2011, (art 8.2.). More than a normative obligation, maintain a safety investment in good working order is a virtuous preventive intellectual approach. The care and maintenance of your installation of protection against lightning is also needed to preserve your cover manufacturer and installer. To ensure full Security, made you need to be certain of its effectiveness at any time. The system Alert@ir XT is a unique solution designed and manufactured by LPS France to meet the standard requirements, preserve your benefits and ensure your safety throughout the life of your outdoor installation Protection against lightning.

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Dongl@ir USB Receiver

Contact@ir system, if used with Dongl@ir receiver, enables you to check the good working order of your product. The transmission of datas occurs by radio waves, without any physical link between the Contact@ir emitter and the Dongl@ir receiver. In this way, Dongl@ire facilitates and makes safer the diagnosis of a product often difficult to access, the intervening person not being constained any more to get into a risky situation to reach it. Dongl@ir is a specific mean of diagnosis. It has to be used nearby the product (80 meters maximum). Within a few seconds, your product is identified and the result of its diagnosis appears on your sceen. You then immediately know if an intervention is necessary on your installation or not. The recipient will be able to work on smart phones (Android and iOS) and PCs and laptops to a special program that is designed and developed.

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Rout@ir Router

If used with the Rout@ir option, when lightning strikes the installation, Compt@ir records and transmits the event by sending an email warning Once the lightning strike detected, a normative check will have to be performed in accordance with the articles 8.2 to 8.5 of the NFC 17-102 standard. This check aims at ensuring the good order of the lightning protection installation and doing the necessary repairs of the installation. Thanks to Compt@ire and to the "lightning strike" warning, the lightning protection installation is being permanently watched over. Using Route@ir you able with any device that has Internet access, and manage your lightning protection system and information such as diagnosis, identification,lightning warning and intensity provide you.

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Ellips Contact Air

A transmitter Ellips Contact Air is an optional product to communicate from a distance with your installation of protection against lightning. The whole range of ELLIPS lightning rods offers a testing and transfer of information possibility without any physical link. This function is named ELLIPS CONTACT AIR. Indeed, an ELLIPS CONTACT AIR emitter can be optionally added on each ELLIPS lightning rod. ELLIPS CONTACT AIR is supplied by a photovoltaic cell that guarantees its autonomy. The technology of this photovoltaic cell allows to obtain a charging of the communication system even in weak luminosity conditions and to ensure a twenty-four-hours-a-day communication. Communication is possible within a minimum range of 30 meters and a maximum range of 300m (depending on the receiver, its positioning and its environment). E.C.A.U. is connected to a Windows(1) portable PC and communicates with the whole of ELLIPS lightning rods equipped with an ELLIPS CONTACT unit. Information is collected on demand. E.C.A.B. constantly communicates with the ELLIPS lightning rods. Customizable by remote control by our teams and connected to the internet or a GSM network, E.C.A.B. communicate the lightning warnings in real time. A photovoltaic supply is optionally available for an all-autonomous working.

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How to make LPS lightning

How to make LPS lightning How to build a lightning bolt chuck LPS France and how to test in the laboratory in real terms lightning displays. Lightning LPS meters are produced in 8 different colors that are not functionally no different product and logistical France. The film packing lightning and the lightning show package contents. The Instant Lightning can be installed in all buildings and structures are including residential buildings, high-rise buildings, industrial structures and historic structures and archaeological

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