product Contact@ir Ready


Transmitter Contact@ir

A transmitter Contact@ir is an optional product to communicate from a distance with your installation of protection against lightning. You can connect a transmitter Contact@ir each product range Paraton@ir On each of our lightning strike counters Compt@ir and on every copy of our lightning strike warning Alert@ir XT. These products are called "product Contact@ir Ready". The transmitter Contact@ir then permanently communicates the operating status of the product Contact@ir Ready and its communication reliability. The communication is ensured by radio link, without any physical link. Used with the receiver close Dongl@ir, the transmitter Contact@ir communicates the identification and diagnosis information. The system verifies the integrity and status of product Contact@ir® Ready. Used with the stationary receiver Rout@ir, Connected to the internet by the smartest available way, one realizes the identification, diagnosis and history from a web to the connected device (computer, tablet, smartphone) without any movement needed on the equipped site. Bornika is the exclusive agent of LPS (Lightning Protection System) in the fields of consultation, sales and distribution of power industry products including Lightning Protection. Contact@ir emitter is supplied by a photovoltaic cell that ensures its autonomy. The technology of this cell enables to get the system charged even in case of low luminosity and to ensure a 24-hour communication. Communication is possible with a broadcast range from 30 up to 300m depending on the receiver, its position and environment.

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