French Lightning Arrester


LPS Lightning Protection System

LPS Lightning Protection System Combining advanced materials and technologies, ELLIPS and Paraton@ir lightning rod is thought out to optimize the whole of your lightning protection system. Each lightning rod can be tested by wired-controlled or remote-controlled testers (ELLIPS Contact options). ELLIPS & Paraton@ir aesthetics and colors allow its integration within all possible drafts and structures (8 colors available – no effect on operation).

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How to make LPS lightning

How to make LPS lightning How to build a lightning bolt chuck LPS France and how to test in the laboratory in real terms lightning displays. Lightning LPS meters are produced in 8 different colors that are not functionally no different product and logistical France. The film packing lightning and the lightning show package contents. The Instant Lightning can be installed in all buildings and structures are including residential buildings, high-rise buildings, industrial structures and historic structures and archaeological

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Implementation of the lightning protection system

An example of the implementation of the lightning protection system with lightning chuck Ellips company LPS France. The video of the execution of the lightning show that 1-floor 2-floor crow's feet are off the triangles and lightning rods in the ground and run down conductors of lightning to the ground and how to test the resistance of the earth, and how conductor cross walls and the roof and fittings of the show.

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Blinding light and loud and overwhelming! Usually these are the only indicators of lightning (thunder) know it. Residents have different names on the phenomenon are often taken from the same two characteristics of lightning (thunder) is Shirazi said "proud distinguishes", Tehran of "lightning" Afghans "Tana" and the Europeans "Thunder "their voice. The discharge of electrical charge between the cloud and ground lightning (lightning) say and electrical discharge between cloud lightning say. The reason of lightning protection installation is protecting systems and persons against lightning and also, creating a safe way for transferring the huge flow of lightning to the earth.

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