Capacitor bank



The capacitor consists of two parallel metal in the air or insulation layer is located. Capacitors store electrical energy in the power industry, as well as capacitors for power factor correction and harmonic and noise are used. The capacitor is an electrical device that can store electrical energy in itself. Types of capacitors used in electric circuits.

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PFC Controller PFR6/PFR12

PFR 06/PFR 12 is the new range of power factor regulators using on the highest technology and designed for easy and effective regulation. Regulator monitors the power system status and accurately and quickly takes decisions on the connection or disconnection of compensation stages in order to reach the preset target cos phi. Regulator´s microprocessor records system voltage and current consumption of the entire operation via instrument transformer inputs and uses these to calculate the relationship between active power and reactive power in the power system. Regulator calculates the basic harmonic factor of the active and reactive currents using the FFT algorithm. Thus precise measurement and control are provided even if the current waveform is distorted by higher harmonic components.

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Low Voltage Capacitor Bank

Low Voltage capacitor bank are used for power factor correction in low voltage networks. standard, wall−mounted, detuned, ast−switched, substation capacitor banks covered under this category.

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Medium Voltage Capacitor banks

Medium Voltage capacitor bank are used for power factor correction in Medium voltage networks.Medium voltage capacitor banks of both fixed and automatic are under this category.

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Active Filter

ECOsine harmonic Active filter represents an economical solution to the challenge of load-applied harmonics mitigation in three-phase power systems.The active filter instantly adapts to all changes in the load and the systems harmonic content spectrum, in order to be able to optimally respond at any time.

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