Double Voltmeter


Analoge Double Voltmeter

2 in 1 pointer type analoge panel meter come in 96 mm × 96 mm size. These measure AC current & voltage depending upon the application. These combine two measuring systems independent of each other . The double voltmeter to measure the voltage of two different sources in order to are use to synchronize these two sources .

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Ziegler 2 In 1 Pointer Type Analogue Panel Meters

The moving iron panel meters, 2-in-1 housed in moulded polycarbonate cases are suitable for the measurement of AC currents for frequency range of 15...400Hz and voltages in the frequency range of 15...100Hz . Moving iron meters indicate rms-values practically independent of waveform even of high harmonics . These meters offer several advantages in switchboards and Generating Set Panels .

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Analog Panel Double Voltmeter

Enerdis Analog Panel Double Voltmeter in the form of polycarbonate and in size of 96 mm for synchronizing operations or displays two input voltage in one panel .

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