Operating Hours Counter

Hour meters HC48 are designed for the determination and monitoring of operating time, warranty period and maintenance intervals on electrically driven machines and devices, mainly in mechanical processing, woodworking, textile and paper industry, on central heating boilers, electrical furnaces, power drives and rectifiers, and so on. Hour meters are connected in parallel to the control circuit behind the start gear, thus working only during the operation of a machine or device.

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Selectable Insulation Monitor

Selectable Insulation Monitor produced by DEIF company is used for supervision of the insulation resistance between an insulated voltage distribution network (IT network) and earth cable/safety cable. The instrument is applicable in conjunction with single phase networks and 3-phase networks with/without neutral for phase to phase voltages up to 690V AC. This type of insulation measurement is only carried out on AC networks where the neutral/star point of the generator or supply transformer is not earthed. An AC or DC auxiliary voltage is required for the in- strument. This may be selected independently of the monitored network, or the SIM-Q can be supplied by the monitored network; max. voltage for the supply is 480V. If the SIM-Q is supplied from a separate voltage source, the network can also be monitored in stand-by condition.

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