FN 2211


Compact high current DC EMC/EMI filter

Compact high current DC EMC/EMI filter model FN 2211 and FN 2210 are the most compact dedicated high current DC filters for PV inverters in the industry and therefore are an optimum fit with most modern PV inverter generation. In addition the filters can be configured in a very flexible way to fulfil customized application requirements. All FN 2211 / FN 2210 come in unsymmetrical housings, which help to prevent inverse installation and wrong electrical connection. Along with grid-side installed Schaffner AC EMC/EMI filters FN 2211 / FN 2210, the DC filters FN 2211 / FN 2210 are key to meet the stringent international standards for electromagnetic compatibility and help to ensure a reliable and fault-free operation of the entire PV system.

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