Relay Testing

According to granted agencies in protection relays and relay testing sets, CT, PT test sets and current injection sets protection relay testing laboratory of having the relay test set with six-phase and full range of necessary software modules to test all ANSI codes in the protection industry. The capability of this device is samping test, time, the harmonic test up to 30th, implementation of the transient state, distance, differential, frequency, state sequencer, auto recloser, types of inverse and directional curves toward the test, genarator loss of field, overexcitation for transformers, test the power swing, test energymeters and test of transducers and send and receive signal of IEC 61850 Goose automation system in high voltage substations are covered. Also, in order to test the generator synchronizer with pulse measurement applied to the AVR and governor this device can be utilized. In addition, this laboratory capability of testing power transformer AVRs, so that the command acts to tap changer will be under analysis. Also, the technical group has the ability to provide advice to buy and supply of module with relay test device needed for the customer and the automatic tests. Therefore, the company will provide solutions in the field of protection for customers in a variety of industries.