instruments calibration

So as to adapt the existing products with the needs of the customers, the company will work with an appropriate calibration set having expertise as Fluke calibrator type 5080A model as one of the world's trusted calibrators with the capability of current and voltage applied to a very high resolution, and also apply to test of angle difference coefficient of single phase power simulation and DC resistance and temperature simulation for thermocouples and RTDs with high accuracy and efficiency and Also, the extensive simulation of the load Bank with the capability of any three-phase load ohmic, inductive, capacitive for simulation tests of regulators and also power factor tests to be carried out and any testing related to the nature of load angle and three-phase equipment and accessories necessary to perform the calibration measurement of all the customers needs are met. This group serves as the heart of the company as the technical group test and customize the product, as well as playing the role of customization. In order to solve the problems in the utilization of industrial factories of the group with related work experience having the ability of performing the simulation conditions capable of finding the problem and ruling out the problem. Also, for a particular measurement equipment that is discontinued in production equipment plotters high speed dial will be handled.