Three phase, two-Stage Filter

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Three phase, two-Stage Filter

Three phase, two-Stage murrelektronik Filter, include 7 products in 8A to 80A current range for different applications based on their technical specifications. The EMC filters are bi-directional. They reduce symmetrical and asymmetrical interferences that often occur with frequency converters and switch mode power supplies. The EMI/EMC products include DC Filters, EMC/EMI Single Phase Filter, Three Phase Filter with neutral line, PCB Filter, Pulse Transformer, Chock and inlet power modulus. Bornika is the exclusive agent of Schaffner and the sales agent of Murrelektronik Companies in the fields of consultation , sales and distribution of power industry products including EMI/EMC products.


3-phase 2-stage EMC-filter

Model: EMC Order code: 10550 - 10551 - 10552 - 10553 - 10554 - 10555 -110556

3-phase 2-stage EMC-filter, with 3×500 VAC operating voltage is available in 8A to 80A current ranges.

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