Power Controller Relay

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Power Controller Relay

Power Controller Relay is a product of the control relay category for limitation of load current and power in electrical systems to prevent against damages caused by overload conditions. These relays often working with on/off control algorithm or phase control algorithm. Applications ; -electrical furnaces and drying constructions -devices of mechanical engineering, aggregates and extruding presses for plastics, devices, for winding and tempering of springs, spot welding and seam welders -production of glass and glazing - installations and devices for drying in infrared and ultraviolet radiation -hemical and petroleum industries Borna Niroo Karan (Bornika) is the exclusive agent of the best brands around world in iran in the fields of consultation , sales and distribution of power industry products Power Controller Relay products .


Single Phase Power Controller

Model: RP7 Order code: RP7-a b

Power controller RP7 type allows to control the delivered power from an a.c. voltage source to a resistance or resistance-inductive receiver of electrical energy and the rotational speed of 1-phase induction motors with a capacitor or commutator motors at small loads.

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LUMEL Power Controller

Model: RP1 Order code: RP1-a b c

The RP1 power controller is destined for automatic temperature control systems in electrothermal devices.

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Power Controller

Model: RPL1 Order code: RPL1- a b c dd e f

The area of RPL1 application includes: - electric furnaces and drying structures, especially industrial furnaces and tunnel cap, furnaces for annealing and brazing, and founder crucible furnaces, drying ovens, furnaces with quenching in salt baths; - mechanical engineering equipment, aggregates and extruders for plastics processing, winding machines and tempering springs, spot welding and linear; - production of glass and glazing, plant and equipment for drying in the infrared and ultraviolet, vats for melting glass and heating trays for forming glass furnaces; - chemical and petroleum industry; radiators lining piping, wiring warming

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Three phase Power Controller

Model: RP3 Order code: RP3-a b

The RP3 power controller is a contactless three-phase power energy electronic device which includes a thyristor connector and an electronic gate triggering system. (GTS)

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