DEIF Low Voltage Current Transformer

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DEIF Low Voltage Current Transformer

DEIF Low Voltage Current Transformer produced by DEIF company include 7 series product. Current transformer are presented as types : ASR/ASK , PCT , WSK , SCT, KBU, SASR/SASK and KSU/SUSK by DEIF Company . Also, Shunt resistors has been added to this section of products. detailed Technical specifications described in product section separately . Borna Niroo Karan (Bornika) is the exclusive agent of DEIF in the fields of consultation , sales and distribution of power industry products including DEIF Low Voltage Current Transformer products .


Measuring Transformer

Model: ASR/ASK Order code: ASK xx.x , ASR xx.x

Part of DEIF’s current transformer range, the measuring transformers convert high current to lower nominal current value, thus making it possible to use instruments and relays with standardised values of rated current. DEIF offers 41 different physical sizes of the measuring transformers.

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Power Current Transformer

Model: PCT Order code: PCT 100 Order No :121801000x

The PCT is a combined transformer with both a voltage and a current output for DIN mounting.It decreases mounting space, minimises the numbers of connections on the terminals, and this reduces mounting costs.A fuse is directly mounted on the priamary conductor which gives a short unprotected part of the terminal and results in high reliability.

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Primary winding current transformer

Model: WSK Order code: WSK xx.x

Based on the physical operating principle of current transformers, the required core volume transferring an amount of power, increases rapidly with a decreasing nominal current. As there are limits on increasing the transformer size, Primary winding current transformer are being used. Primary Winding Transformer, WSK, is the perfect choice for low currents in the range 1 A to 100 A.

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Split Core Current Transformer

Model: SCT Order code: SCT xxx

The compact SCT split-core current sensor from DEIF is especially designed for retrofitting on existing installations. The SCT series is supplied with color coded leads. The accuracy class 3 or 1 for all these CT’s is perfect for high accurate current measurements.Correct closing of the current sensor is guaranteed by a distinct sound of a “click”.

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Split Core Transformer

Model: KBU Order code: KBU xxx

DEIF’s split-core current transformers are cost-saving and easy-to-install units for responsible and efficient energy management solutions and for retrofitting existing installations. Because the split-core transformers can be mounted with a click and without interrupting the power supply, installation is smooth and executed in no time. KBU is the ideal split core transformer for retrofit projects where DEIF covers the range from 100 A to 5,000 A.

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Protection current transformer

Model: SASR/SASK Order code: SASK xxx , SASR xxx

Protection current transformers are for the control of protecting relays which have the task to separate switched circuits in the event of over current. For a save function of these relays a proportional transfer ratio of the transformer up to a multiple of the nominal current is necessary. the protection transformers are used for overcurrent and earth fault protection in balanced protection systems. DEIF offers 15 different physical sizes of the protection transformers.The housing of the transformers is made of impact-resistant thermoplastic to ensure a highly reliable quality. The terminals of the transformers are protected by a cover.

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Summation current transformer

Model: KSU/SUSK Order code: KSU x , SUSK x

Summation current transformers are suitable for the summation of several synchronized alternating currents with similar phases but with differing load phase shifts. It is also possible to have the summation of currents with varied nominal voltages of similar phase positions. Part of DEIF's current transformer range, the summation transformers summarise the secondary currents of any number of main current transformers to a common secondary signal . DEIF offers 2 different physical sizes of the summation transformers. The housing of the transformers is made of impact-resistant thermoplastic to ensure a highly reliable quality. The terminals of the transformers are protected by a cover.

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