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Relays for High load 30 A . For PCB , Small dimensions , light weight , 1-NO , 1-CO and DC coils - of up to 110 V DC, low coil power 0,9 W . High shock and vibration resistance , High quality, long life . Application: for automobile, machine, electronic equipment, air conditioner, household appliance . the special features of this device are : - Small dimensions, light weight - easy installation , For PCB - High quality, long life - High shock and vibration resistance - DC coils Bornika is the exclusive representative of Relpol company, in purchasing, sales, consulting and distribution of industrial equipment and various auxiliary relays such as miniature industrial relays .

Industrial Relay type R30N

Industrial Relay type R30N used for High loads (30 A). These relays have small dimensions,light weight, High quality, long life, DC coil and suitable for PCB mounting. Industrial Relay type R30N is available in two models include of 1-NO and 1-CO contact.

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