Relays with permanent magnet whose magnetic field blows the electric arc between the contacts . for high DC loads . AC and DC coils , Mounting: in sockets; 35 mm rail mount . on panel , PCB . Applications: control of electromagnets , systems of heating , cooling , ventillation , air conditioning , control with single-phase and three-phase motors , catering industry machines and equipment , automation systems , photoelectric systems , etc . the special features of this device are : - low power consumption - easy mounting - mounting on plug-in sockets, PCB , 35 mm rails - high resistance of the cover to difficult operating conditions - light indicator(LED) Bornika is the exclusive representative of Relpol company, in purchasing, sales, consulting and distribution of industrial equipment and various auxiliary relays such as miniature industrial relays .

Product list of Industrial relays for DC loads series RUC-M

High DC load Relay

High DC load Relay

High DC load Relay with miniature dimension and AC , DC coils used for high DC loads. This relay mounting on 35 mm rail, on panel or PCB.High DC load Relays are available in 1NO (double-break) and 2 NO contact models.

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