Line reactors are a cost-effective way for the limitation of mains harmonics. The harmonics reduction capability is related to the reactor impedance. A higher impedance translates directly into lower harmonic currents, but of course also into a larger component with a higher voltage drop − and vice versa. benefits of line reactors usage are include : -Ensure reliability, performance and a long service life of electrical consumers. -Reduction of mains harmonics and commutation notches. -Help to meet international power quality standards such as IEEE 519 or EN 61000-3-2. -Protection of motor drive electronics and dc link capacitors against mains transients. -Reduction of inrush and peak currents. -Improvement of true power factor. -Prevention from nuisance tripping caused by power line voltage spikes.

Product list of AC line reactors

Three phase line reactor

Three phase line reactor

AC line reactors are added to the input of the drive and placed in series with the incoming line. They help to mitigate harmonics and because they are between the line and the drive, they are able to act as a buffer for surges and other transients. The intended purpose of a line reactor is not to offer high levels of surge protection and, if greater protection is desired, a dedicated protective device is a much better solution.

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