Ziegler ZiS 22 Series Measurement Current Tansformer

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Ziegler ZiS 22 Series Measurement Current Tansformer

Ziegler Instruments , leader in measuring instruments unveils its world class plastic cased Square and Round Current Transformers . Ziegler Current Transformers or Ziegler CT's as they are better known are encased with polycarbonate housing . These are available for different ratings , VA burdens & Accuracy classes . Cost effective moulded case current transformer . Wide range of system current ratings bus bar sizes, case widths and apertures Various mounting options like wall mounting, cable mounting, bus bar mounting, DIN rail mounting . Bornika is the exclusive representative of Ziegler company, in purchasing , sales , consulting and distribution of industrial equipment and transformers , including ZiS 22 Measurement Current Tansformer(CT) , in low voltage.