Low Voltage Current Transformer ( LV )

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Low Voltage Current Transformer ( LV )

A current transformer (CT) is used for measurement of alternating electric currents. Current transformers, are known as instrument transformers. When current in a circuit is too high to apply directly to measuring instruments, a current transformer produces a reduced current accurately proportional to the current in the circuit, which can be conveniently connected to measuring and recording instruments. A current transformer isolates the measuring instruments from what may be very high voltage in the monitored circuit. Current transformers are commonly used in metering and protective relays in the electrical power industry.The secondary winding of current transformer has more rounds than primary winding. These are available for different ratings , VA burdens & Accuracy classes Current transformers are applied for measuring and protection of single phase and three phase . - Wound Current Transformer - Auxiliary Current Transformer - Summation Current Transformer - Current Transformer for Switch Fuses - Window Type Current Transformer - Tube Type Current Transformer - Window Type Current Transformer for High Currents - Multi Range Current Transformer - Split Core Current Transformer - Split Core Current Transformer for Earth Fault Protection Bornika is the representative of RITZ ،Contrel, Ziegler , Enerdis, lumel , Deif company, in purchasing , sales , consulting and distribution of industrial equipment and transformers , including current transformers(CT) , in low voltage.