Feeder Protection Relay

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Feeder Protection Relay

To protect air and ground feeders in distribution systems, power plants and substations in different voltage levels, This relays are used. Bornika is the agent of Sprecher Automation and A.Eberle companies in the fields of consultation , sales and distribution of power industry products including Feeder Protection Relays .


Sprecher compact line protection SPRECON-E-P DS..6-0

Model: SPRECON-E-P DS..6-0 Order code: SPRECON-E-P DS..6-0

With SPRECON-E-P DS6-0 Sprecher Automation offers a compact line of overcurrent-time protection devices . The compact SPRECON-E-P DS6-0 protection devices are equipped with standardised hardware modules . The standard basic functionalities can be extended by packages which include additional protection functions .

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Sprecher line protection SPRECON-E-P DS..6-2

Model: SPRECON-E-P DS..6-1 | SPRECON-E-P DS..6-2 Order code: SPRECON-E-P DS..6-1 | SPRECON-E-P DS..6-2

The overcurrent-time protection acts as the main protection function . The devices include standardised hardware modules and firmware . They all provide protection functions of the same range . Beside typical protection functions and measured-value collection , protection devices also feature control of circuit-breakers .

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Transient Earth Fault Relay type EWR22

Model: EWR22 Order code: EWR22

Transient earth fault relay type EWR22 monitors each feeder of the bus bar and signal transient earth faults and transient earth faults with continuous earth faults. The different features of the relay and the easy change of parameters offer an optimal adaptation to the system.

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Earth Fault Detection Relay type EOR-D

Model: EOR-D Order code: EOR-D

Earth Fault Detection Relay type EOR-D is used To exploit the advantages of each fault detection method in different fault situations.and up to 16 feeders can be monitored by using a single EOR system.

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