Surge Arrester's Counter

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Surge Arrester's Counter

surge arrester and lightening counters( Surge Arrester's Counter ) are used to count the number of passing surge through the system and report the date and time of surge occurance. Bornika is the exclusive agent of Raycap , OBO Bettermann , Iskra , Novaris in the fields of consultation , sales and distribution of power industry products including Surge Arrestor's Counters.


P 2 Impulse Counter

Model: P 2 Order code: 910502

P 2 Impulse is a Counter with integrated battery supply (9 V) and battery charge control.

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Surge and Lightning Counter ProLEC Basic Iskra

Model: ProLEC Order code: ProLEC Basic

ProLEC Basic is the first in line of the new lightning current sensors family. ProLEC device is installed directly on lightning down conductor. It is made to withstand currents up to 100kA (10/350). By installing ProLEC on a building's lightning protection system , we gain the knowledge of frequency and time/date of atmospheric discharges that affected the object. Preventive or maintenance measures can be taken accordingly, depending on information gained from the counter.

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Surge and Lightning Counter ProSEC II+ Iskra

Model: ProSEC Order code: ProSEC II+

ProSEC II+ is a surge counter with an extra function . Beside surge number count it also logs hour and date for each surge counted. it can be used for cooperation with insurance companies.

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Surge and Lightning Counter LC01 OBO

Model: LC01 Order code: 5091720

LC-01 device for OBO Bettermann company , with LCD screen to display the number of lightning strikes in the system , long life , has a Internal battery , suitable for indoor and outdoor environments with protection class IP67.

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TSC1 Transient Surge Counter-Novaris

Model: TSC Order code: TSC1

TSC Transient Surge Counter Novaris Transient Surge Counters count direct lightning strikes and transient events. They may be clamped to the downconductor of a building or tower or in the earth return conductor of a surge diverter or filter .

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LPS Counter Compt@ir

Model: Compt@ir Order code: Compt@ir

The Thunderbolt counter displays the total lightning strikes that hit a lightning rod installation. The lightning strike counter Compt@ir is composed of a 6 digit display. Each lightning strike is recorded when passing by incrementing by one. The regular observation of the display is required for proper monitoring of the installation. The lightning strike counter is essential for the proper maintenance of the Installation Outdoor Protection against Lightning. The NFC standard reference 17-102 imposes an audit will be performed after each lightning strike . Compt@ir records the positive and negative lightning. It positions and works on all types of conductors (flat, round, braided ...) and for all dimensions thanks to its universal fixings. The lightning counters Compt@ir comply with applicable standards (NFC 17-102, 50164-6 EN). This regular monitoring requires no moving with the option Contact@ir+Rout@ir. This communication system warns in real time during a thunderbolt.

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cirprotec lightning counter

Model: CDR-401 Order code: 77920130

CDR-401 is the new generation of Cirprotec lightning discharge counter, according to UNE-EN 50164-6 / UNE-EN 62561-6 / UTE C 17106. CDR-401 is a Clip-on counter that can be installed around the conductor. Ideal also for retrofitting. CDR-401 can be firmly attached to the conductor by means of internal rubber pads. Hence, the system can be firmly installed without even attaching it to the wall with screws.

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