AC Transducer & Transmitter

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AC Transducer & Transmitter

AC current and voltage transducers are appropriate for reception different current and voltage input signals and converting to DC output signals with various amounts. Bornika is the exclusive agent of Ziegler in the fields of consultation, sales and distribution of power industry products including AC Transducer & Transmitter .


Current Transducer and Transmitter XD Series

Model: XD Order code: XD-I420

XD Transducers are the simplest devices possible for measuring current or monitoring consumption . with Quick to Install (No external CTs required) .

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Voltage and Current Transducer

Model: P20Z Order code: P20Z - aa b c d ee f

Measuring transducer P20Z type is destined to a continuous conversion of the rms current value or alternating voltage without the constant component into a standard d.c. current or d.c. voltage signal.

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High Accuracy Transducer

Model: VTR10 Order code: VTR10-a bb c d ee f

VTR10 transforms the RMS value of AC current and voltage into standard DC signal. Input, output and supply of the transducer are galvanic insolated. The construction of the transducer ensures accurate and fast signal transformation.

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AC current single function transducer

Model: TAC-311DG Order code: TAC-311DG No :12070000xx

The current transducers type TAC-311DG are transducers for measurement of a sinusoidalAC current converted into a DC current signal proportional to the measured value on a single phase or 3 phase network. PLCs, PCs, microprocessor control, indicators, alarm units etc. can be operated by the output signal.

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