BALISOR warning light

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    B160 - B220 - B115 - B132 - B380

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High-voltage lines are major hazards for low-flying aircraft. Placing beacons on pylons is not sufficient to ensure safety due to the very long spans of cable (extract of Aerodrome Design Manual chapter 14.7 annex 4). The BALISOR® system (created by OBSTA in the 60's) is a beacon for high voltage lines. Its conductors take the power required directly from the line. The system is , therefore, completely self-contained. Our standard model of BALISOR® fall into the ICAO low intensity category.The neon discharge offers : - inherent generation of «aviation» red light, - a very long lifetime of the balisor lamp, essential to continuous operation of high voltage lines.This product are available in below models: - 110KV to 130KV - 130KV to 160KV - 160KV to 210KV - 210KV to 360KV - 360KV and more Borna niroo karan (Bornika) company is the agent OBSTA company in the fields of consultation, sales and distribution of power industry products including obstruction lights is active.

  • Power supply 115 kV-132 kV-220 kV-380 kV and more
  • Color night time Red fixed
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